Wills Administration

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Wills Administration

Last Will and testaments are powerful and necessary documents. These afford the testator the ability to distribute his Estate as desired, determine heirs, appoint guardian for dependants/ minors and bequeath valuable assets and name executors and beneficiaries among others. A Will enables the Testator to exercise control over assets upon his demise.

As a Corporate Trustee, we have the expertise in handling Wills Administration to the satisfaction and benefit of all the stakeholders.

Our role includes;

  • We ensure that the intentions of the Testator are captured in the Will, distributing the assets to the beneficiaries efficiently, in line with the intentions of the Testator.
  • We ensure the Will is lodged at the Probate registry.
  • Keeping custody of the counterpart of the Will and other documents.
  • Giving notice of the existence of the Will to persons and or organisation(s) suggested by the Testator.
  • Making arrangements for the reading of the Will at the appropriate time.
  • We ensure Grant of Probate is obtained to facilitate distribution of the estate.
  • Gathering the Estate and administering same as intended by the Testator.
  • Distributing the assets to beneficiaries efficiently and in accordance with the Will upon demise of the Testator.
  • Ensuring that the conditions on how and when assets should be distributed is strictly adhered to.
  • Investing the assets/funds as intended by the Testator.
  • Rendering periodic reports to the Probate Registrar, Co-Executors (if any) and beneficiaries or as requested.
  • Any other incidental matters.