UTL recognizes the right of her customers, shareholders, Regulators, fellow Capital Market Operators and other stakeholders to lodge complaints against actions taken by the Company and omissions that may occur in the ordinary course of business. These actions include poor quality or inadequate service, breach of laws and regulations, amongst others.
Our aim is to continuously improve our service delivery by conducting regular surveys of our clients to ensure we are meeting their needs and expectations and encouraging feedback on our performance. As a result, the Company has established fair, impartial and objective complaints management processes to achieve the benefits of proper complaints handling.


The scope of the Policy shall cover the following:

  1. Complaints against the Company by Clients;
  2. Complaints against the Company by Shareholders;
  3. Complaints against the Company by SROs and Regulators;
  4. Complaints against the Company by other Operators in the Industry;
  5. Complaints by the Company against SROs and Regulators;
  6. Complaints by members of the public against the Company or her officers/staff.


This policy thus:

  • provides an avenue for customer communication and feedback;
  • recognizes, promotes and protects the customer’s rights, including the right to comment and provide feedback on services;
  • provides an efficient, fair and accessible framework for resolving customers’ complaints and monitoring feedback to improve service delivery;
  • informs customers on the customers’ feedback handling processes; and
  • Provides staff with information about the customers’ feedback process.

Customers can be rest assured that UTL is committed to addressing each complaint in an equitable, objective and unbiased manner through the complaints handling processes. The principles of objectivity; openness, impartiality, confidentiality, accessibility, completeness, equity and sensitivity will remain applicable in all UTL’s complaints handling process.


The Company’s Code of Ethics requires all employees to comply with the minimum standards of conduct and integrity based on the principles of personal integrity, relationships with others, and accountability.
Where a customer raises a complaint, he has the right to have that complaint:

  • received and addressed in strict confidence;
  • addressed in a spirit of helpful cooperation and sensitivity; and
  • resolved promptly.

To assist in achieving this, complaints will be kept separate from other records held by the Company and information that would identify complainants will not be released in individual or aggregated form to anyone not involved in the customer’s complaint procedure without prior written permission from the Managing Director.
When a complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, customers have the right to be referred to the relevant SRO and/or the Commission.


  • A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction or concern made to the Company by, or on behalf of, an individual client – including government agencies – group or members of the public, that relates to the provision of or failure to provide services, or the performance, behavior and conduct of staff, or the complaints handling process itself.
  • The complaint(s) alleged that the complainant has suffered or may suffer financial loss, material distress or inconvenience.
  • The complaint must relate to an activity or omission of the Company or its employees.
  • A complaint may be made in person, by phone, email or in writing.
  • A complaint shall contain all material facts with supporting documents


Clients can make their complaints through our social media platforms (twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), email, telephone, dispatch or directly on the website by filling the complaints form for prompt treatment.

Complaints received will be treated as described in the table below;

Acknowledgement of Complaints received by email and social media All complaints received by email and social media will receive an automated response within 1 hour.
Acknowledgement of Complaints received by post All complaints received by post must be acknowledged within 3 working days.
Investigation of complaints Complaint analysis and investigation will be conducted immediately. Preliminary feedback will be sent to the complainant within 6 days.


All complaints shall be addressed to the Complaints Management Officer via hard copy, email, social media and phone call;
Addressed to:
The Complaints Manager,
UTL Trust Management Services Ltd,
RC 4834,
2ND Floor, ED building, 47 Marina
P.O. Box 5543,

Social media platforms;
Twitter @willpowerng; @utltrustees
Instagram @willpowerng; @utltrustees
Facebook willpowerng; utltrustees
LinkedIn willpowerng; utltrustees

01-2705306, 01-2705307

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