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A. Escrow

We hold escrow assets (money, securities or properties) on behalf of parties for onward delivery to another party upon the fulfilment of certain conditions or requirements by the depositor as contained in the contractual Deeds.

This agency arrangement ensures that transactions are safely carried out without the risk of losing money or merchandise due to fraud.

As a regulated organisation with fiduciary responsibilities and integrity as our core value, we can be trusted to act in the best interest of all the stake-holders.

B. Nominee Services

We offer nominee services wherein we hold assets in our name. The nominee maintains legal title to the assets but holds them under an agency arrangement for the benefit of the Beneficiaries.

These assets are held and maintained according to the direction of the beneficiaries.

Our role under a nominee service arrangement include:

  • Having our names registered on the legal title on behalf of the beneficial owner.
  • Custodians of assets and securities of beneficial owners.
  • Management services on behalf and on the direct instructions of the beneficial owners.
  • Having our names registered in public documents.
  • Attending meetings with a bid to fulfill beneficiary’s instructions.
  • Facilitating an effective transfer of title from one beneficiary to another.
  • Periodic report over the status as well as income and expenditure accruing over the assets under the nominee service management.
  • Undertaking any duty specified in the Management Services Agreement or Declaration of Trust.

C. Custodian Trustee

In our capacity as a Custodian, we keep custody of assets (title documents and valuables). The Trustee in this instance has no legal or beneficial right to the assets but only holds and manages the assets according to the direction of the Beneficiary (owner).