Portfolio Management

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At UTL, we actively manage portfolios with the objective of outperforming market indices. We leverage on our skill and experience in analyzing securities using both fundamental and technical approaches in maximizing returns.

We understand that the market is dynamic and requires a dynamic approach to achieve our clients’ investment objectives. Consequently, our team of dedicated professionals are available to give you all the support you need to carry out investment transactions with ease.

Our passion is to continue to lead in asset optimization in the management of client portfolios.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

In today’s fast changing and volatile markets, the management of equities cannot just be traded using a buy and hold strategy. With our UTL Discretion Portfolio Management service, our clients are assured that we are actively watching over their wealth on a continuous basis.

Our objective is centered on maximization of client’s portfolio through capital preservation, effective risk management and returns maximization through selection of appropriate investment vehicles.

These objectives are achieved by first understanding our respective client’s investment need and risk tolerance. We then create an investment policy – which is a strategic plan document for managing such portfolios and achieving the set objectives.

We also closely monitor the portfolio and provide regular feedback on performance.

Non-Discretionary Portfolios

This service is specially designed for clients who wish to have more participation in the management of their investments.

All Investment portfolio decisions are approved by the client. UTL will provide regular reporting, market updates and research information to assist our clients in taking informed decisions.

Investment Strategies

In managing our clients’ discretionary portfolio, we employ the following time-tested investment strategies:

Balanced Portfolios: This is a combination of equity, fixed and cash management portfolios in the appropriate proportions as defined in the Investment Policy for each client. In all cases, the portfolios are managed with specific attention to a client’s specific investment objectives. In structuring the portfolios, we always consider any client-directed restrictions, including ethical investment.

Controlled-Risk Flexible Allocation Portfolios: This is an equity oriented portfolio which utilizes fixed income instruments as protection against potential losses. The level of equities may range from minimal to fully invested depending upon the relative amounts of value and risk in the stock market. Our Controlled-Risk portfolios’ assets are protected by the utilization of a stop loss order, a safety net designed to keep the portfolio from declining below a predetermined level.

Fixed Income Portfolios: This portfolio is a combination of money market and high-quality government instruments, which ensure constant returns and capital preservation. There is a laddered approach to investing that enables the Investment Manager to maximize the yield at any end of the curve.